Dr. Ramit Wadhwa is a renowned Cardiologist in Gurgaon and currently practicing at Fortis Memorial Institute, Gurgaon. For the past 11 years.

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About Dr Ramit Wadhwa

Cardiologist in Fortis Hospital, Gururgram

Dr. Ramit Wadhwa, a distinguished cardiologist in Gurgaon, is associated with Fortis Hospital, bringing an impressive 11 years of expertise to the field. Renowned for his diagnostic and treatment skills in various cardiac conditions, Dr. Wadhwa is committed to delivering excellent patient care, earning him a stellar reputation. His extensive knowledge and proficiency in cardiology ensure accurate diagnoses, and he tailors personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. With a compassionate approach and unwavering dedication, Dr. Wadhwa stands as a trusted healthcare professional in the community.

With his tenure at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, Dr. Ramit Wadhwa has become a highly sought-after cardiologist due to his exceptional skills and commitment to patient well-being. He is well-versed in the latest advancements in the field of cardiology and stays up to date with cutting-edge research and technology.



The usage of ultrasound waves to create images of the heart and surrounding structures in order to identify how well the heart pumps blood, infections, and structural abnormalities.

Treadmill Test (TMT)

The Treadmill Test, often abbreviated as TMT, is a valuable diagnostic tool employed in the realm of cardiology.

Ambulatory BP Monitoring

ABPM is a sophisticated diagnostic technique used in the field of cardiology and hypertension management.

Holter Monitoring

Holter monitor is a portable device used in cardiology to continuously record a patient's heart rhythm over an extended period.

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